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Core Exercises for Women,

Men, Adults, and Seniors

By Claire Derry, DPT, and Michael Derry, DPT

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20 + core exercises

Warm-up and cool-down exercises

Pain Specific workouts

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Efficient Exercises for Core Strength Training

  • Learn about your core
  • How to test your core
  • Proper warm-up and cool-down
  • 10 unique and effective core exercises
  • 10 advanced core exercises
  • Hip pain-specific workout
  • PDFs of all exercises and workouts
  • Learn how to design a workout on your own!
  • Lower back pain workout
  • Mid back pain workout
  • Hip pain work out
  • Videos of the exercises
  • Pictures of all the exercises

Why we created this book...

We want to share this book to encourage you to take charge of your physical resiliency, add quality to your years, and inspire you to advocate for your own wellness. We want you to feel supported on your journey to reach the potential you’ve been striving for.

Our bodies are strong and they are built with the ability to adapt to the stresses placed upon them. While you can certainly make a full time job out of understanding our complex bodies (just like we do!), the average person does not need to overcomplicate their fitness. Complex does not have to equal complicated. Just start somewhere. Something is better than nothing. We hope to give you the building blocks you need to get moving and get stronger.

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You also get videos of all the exercises we review in the book!

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